The EEP, a high pressure laminate is the perfect choice for exterior applications like creating the fagade etc. The EEP are quite durable and have a long lasting life. Also, the Estemos exterior panels will stand all kind of weather conditions without fading or withering away. The EEP are also known for their unmatchable surface and physical properties.

The EEP are made from multiple layers of phenolic resins fused with cellulose fibers which grant them the long life. Layers of cellulose fiber seethed with thermosetting resins are used to create the decorative surface of an Esternos Exterior Panel.

create Esternos Exterior Panel, the cellulose fiber impregnated with phenolic resins is treated with high heat and intense pressure. It is known that 150 degree Celsius heat and 9 Mega Pascal of pressure is applied to cause the poly-condensation of the resin present Though EEP are generally with only one side decorated, it is quite possible to also create them with both sides decorated. There are two types of EEP available in the market- Standard Estemos Exterior Panels and Flame Retardant Esternos Exterior Panels. During the production of the later ones, flame retardant additives are added into the resins.

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