It is produced from Nordic Pine or Spruce which has been sourced from PEFC certified forests. ThermoWood is produced with strict quality control through the whole process. It is certified with KOMO quality certification and produced within the ISO 9001 quality system. Since no chemicals are added during the process ThermoWood only contains substances from the natural wood. When newly treated wood is exposed to rain, small amounts of water soluble organic compounds released during the process may be washed out. As no chemical substances are added during the process, no chemical leaching will occur. In addition, as the resin is removed during the process, the problem of resin leakage through the knots or pitch pockets is eliminated. Another improvement is in the insulation properties of the final material, the process leads to a reduction in thermal conductivity. In most cases energy needed for the ThermoWood process is produced by burning bark and wood waste. The energy for the production of Thermowood is mainly needed for drying which accounts for 80% of the heat energy used. The production of ThermoWood consumes about the same amount of electricity as is used in normal kiln drying of sawn timber.

Characteristics of ThermoWood

Improved biological durability – no chemicals used

Excellent dimensional stability

Consistent treatment throughout the whole cross-section

Totally integrated production and quality control

Raw material sources from certified forests

Available in Ash & Pine

ThermoWood is a material for demanding end uses, great for products affected by changing climatic conditions such as exterior claddings, fascia boards, windows and garden products. For the interior, the attractive appearance, stability and removal of resin makes the product a good choice for use in saunas, interior panels, furniture and flooring.